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 Homeopathic treatment takes into account all aspects of your health and we work together to understand the root causes of your health problems.

Treatment consists of  an initial consultation of 1.5 hours,  and on average 5 treatment sessions 45 minutes, once per month.

Initial Consult:

We conduct a detailed review of your current symptoms, medical history,  lifestyle, stress and emotional factors, and build a picture of your overall health.

I review this information carefully and select the most indicated homeopathic medicine to start the healing process. This is the beginning of treatment.  Unlike a drug which suppresses symptoms, homeopathic medicines cause shifts as your self healing mechanism is stimulated to re-balance itself and resolve symptoms.

Treatment Sessions: 

After the initial consultation,  an average of 5 treatment sessions are required to follow and assess the shifts that are happening, to adjust or change the prescription as needed to complete and stabilize the healing process.

In my experience, patients who complete 4-6  sessions of treatment have a much higher long term success rate than patients who attend only the initial appointment.

The specific care programs below reflect my areas of focus however rest assured that treatment is individualized and so any condition can be treated with homeopathy. Contact me to find out if I can help with your specific concern.


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Children’s Health

Women’s Health

Pre and PostNatal Care