Homeopathic Remedy Kits


Homeopathy Kits from Helios

If you want to have homeopathic remedies on hand for family first aid, minor illnesses, or travel, these kits include the main remedies you will need. You will benefit most from your kit if you take an introductory course in homeopathy such as my four part workshop, Homeopathy for the Family.

Helios is the pharmacy of choice for many homeopaths. I prefer their kits because they are small and easy to pack, and I think they’ve done a great job of selecting remedies that would be the most useful for families. If you click on the links below, you will be able to order directly from a third party website run by trusted homeopaths.

The Basic 18 Remedy Kit $49.99

The Basic 18 Remedy Homeopathy Kit

Contains the following remedies:
Aconite 30 • Apis Mel 30 • Arnica 30 • Arsen Alb 30 • Belladonna 30 • Bryonia 30 • Cantharis 30 • Chamomilla 30 • Gelsemium 30 • Hypericum 30 • Ignatia 30 • Merc Viv 30 • Ledum 30 • Nux Vomica 30 • Pulsatilla 30 • Rhus Tox 30 • Ruta 30 • Silica 30

Each kit includes a wonderfully comprehensive self-prescribing guide.

The Basic 36 Remedy Kit $74.99

Contains the Basic 18 remedies plus the following remedies:
Ant Tart 30•Argent Nit 30•Calc Carb 30•Calendula 30•Carbo Veg 30•China 30•Drosera 30•Hepar Sulph 30•
Ipecacuanha 30•Kali Bich 30•Lachesis 30•Lycopodium 30•Mag Phos 30•Natrum Mur 30•Phosphorus 30•Sepia 30•Staphisagria 30•Sulphur 30

The Travel 36 Remedy Kit $74.99

The Travel 36 Remedy Homeopathy KitContains the Basic 18 remedies plus the following remedies that are useful for specific problems encountered by travellers.

Argent Nit 30•Bellis per 30•Camphor 30•Carbo veg 30•China 30•Chelidonium 30•Coca 30•Cocculus 30•Cuprum Met 30•Eupat Perf 30•Hepar Sulph 30•Ipecacuanha 30• Lathyrus Sat 30•Manganum 30Natrum Mur 30•Podophyllum 30• Staphisagria 30•Veratrum 30

Compact enough 5½ x 4 x 1½ ins. (14 x 10 x 3 cms) to carry with you at all times. Each kit include a detailed self-prescribing booklet inside.
A comprehensive range of remedies at a fraction of the price if bought singly. Approx. 35 pillules in each bottle.
Box made of durable polypropelene and glass bottles firmly held in place by high density foam.

Prices shown are in US Dollars, product is shipped from the US for a flat fee of $10 per package