Homeopathy for FertilityTrying to conceive is easier when you are in optimal health physically and emotionally.  Homeopathy offers a natural,  non-invasive, and individualized approach to enhancing fertility.

If you are trying to conceive, homeopathic treatment can support you to:

  • achieve optimum health and wellness in preparation for conception
  • improve your overall emotional health, especially if you are suffering from anxiety, depression or exhaustion related to your efforts to conceive.

The Consultation

The first thing you will notice when you come for a consultation is the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and the length of time allowed for discussing all aspects of your health. There are no invasive tests or procedures. We will discuss all aspects you feel are related to your fertility,  your overall health, and your emotional wellbeing.  A detailed health history is taken and test results are reviewed (if applicable).  An individualized treatment plan will be developed for you.

Please contact me to discuss how homeopathy may be able to help in your situation 613-296-2937


Complementary Medicine

Homeopathic medicines are  safe and do not interfere with other medications  or hormone therapies you may be taking, and they are safe to be on if you conceive.  Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional fertility treatments.