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I offer consultations in Ottawa , Ontario. Please contact me to find out more at 613-296-2937

Please see “What to Expect from Homeopathic Treatment”  for more information about the consultations.


Initial Intake session fee: $225  Treatment Sessions: $75

The cost of all homeopathic medicines is included in the consultation fees.

Acute Consultations

This type of consultation is shorter, and is appropriate for short-term illness or injury such as cough, colds, gastroenteritis, influenza , food poisoning, recovering from surgery,  preparing for travel, a sprain or fracture.

Fee: $ 50 for a 30 minute consultation. Children $30 for a 30 minute consultation.

Telephone Consultations are available for acute care for existing clients $30

Children (under 16)homeopath-ottawa-children

Well Child: You can have an intake consultation for a healthy child for whom you would like to have a homeopath ‘on call’ for acute illnesses.

Once your child has completed an initial intake, you can then consult by telephone should your child become ill with acute illnesses such as coughs, flu, fevers etc. Many parents find this helpful with small children and babies.

Constitutional :  A ‘constitutional remedy’ can help your child with chronic or recurrent health problems and boost the immune system naturally by promoting overall health and addressing the root cause of illness.

Child’s initial intake session fee: $150   Follow ups : $55

Fees include prescribed homeopathic medicines.

Other Fees

Fees may be charged for file transfers or copies.

Call to book your appointment or ask about how I may be able to help you 613-296-2937